Local Farms

The best dairy for your family comes from the Midwest’s best family farms.

90% of the farms that provide milk for Dean’s dairy products are family owned. These are multi-generation dairy farms that were built and passed down by parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. These are farms that do things the right way – the Dean’s way – whether it’s meticulously milking cows and caring for the new calves born on the farm, using the best equipment for farming the land and mixing feed, or keeping the crew safe, healthy, and happy.

These are farmers that live close to the cities, towns, and communities you call home, and they care passionately about preserving our environment’s natural resources. The Dean’s way means more than just making great tasting dairy products – it’s about making the world a better place for the communities we serve. That’s why nobody does it like Dean’s.


Local Farm Facts:


Farms are located in Illinois & Wisconsin


Farms are 90% family owned


Farms never use artificial growth hormones


Farms keep milk chilled at 38° to 42°, exceeding USDA guidelines of 45°


Farms meet the FDA’s Grade “A” Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO)

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