Reduced Fat Milk

Dean’s Milk is always fresh and tasty, even when we reduce the fat to 2%!

Dean’s Reduced Fat Milk has all the same creamy richness as whole milk, with just 130 calories per serving. And it gives you tons of healthy benefits packed into a full glass of flavor. 

Serve it up as a cold, refreshing drink or use it in a recipe for a healthy serving of protein and calcium. It has just as much protein as whole milk, and just one cup a day can increase your calcium by 299 milligrams. It’s a delicious, wholesome, low-calorie choice that your entire family will love.

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Available Sizes

Half Gallon


Whether it’s for a savory dinner or a sweet dessert, locally farmed Dean’s dairy products will make any meal taste deliciously fresh. Find all of our recipes here and get inspired for your next culinary creation.